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Use the form below to see whether or not you can pre-qualify for a loan.

Select your credit score by FICO if you know it; if not, give it your best guess. Round all dollar figures to the nearest dollar. All values must be filled in. If any value is 0, enter 0.

Your Credit Score Income
Excellent Credit (Above 750) Monthly Gross Income (Before taxes)
Good Credit (660-749) Expenses
Fair Credit (620-659) Rent or Mortgage (Do not include utilities)
Bad Credit (Below 620) Minimum Card Payments (Total for all cards)
No Credit Established Garnishments
    Other Loan Payments (Personal, Home improvement, etc)
Pre-Qualified Auto Loan Amount

Remember that the above figures are highly susceptible to manipulation and can be changed to show anything you want it to show, so be honest with us and with yourself. Don't try to cheat the system.

The above is only a pre-qualification, not an approval. A pre-qualification is an estimate based on limited information. Approval will only come after a budget of your actual finances has been completed. We will run that budget for you at no cost to you.

We do not run a credit inquiry until after your budget indicates that you can afford a car. Be careful of companies that run a credit inquiry first. Too many inquiries can cause your credit score to go down.

If you do not pre-qualify for a loan here, you may still be able to qualify with a cosigner. If cosigner is available, click the "Online Application" button at the top of the page and fill out the application. Indicate in the comments area that a cosigner is available.

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